Apollo Endoscopic Surgery

Losing weight alone is even more challenging for Individuals who have been higher weight for years. Bariatric surgery has been available for years and some people have been successful in losing weight after gastric bypass or other forms of weight loss surgery. Other individuals have been hesitant to undergo surgery but very much need some help. This is why IBI Healthcare Institute values Apollo Endosurgery and its versatile range of surgical tools developed with these patients in mind. Apollo Endo offers medical technology that makes endoscopic procedures possible as an alternative to surgery for weight loss.

Apollo Treatment: Minimally Invasive Bariatric Revision

Apollo Endosurgery is a progressive medical technology company that designs and develops tools and devices for for the non-surgical treatment of many gastrointestinal issues, revisions after bariatric surgery, and the minimally invasive ESG procedure for weight loss. The Apollo suite of products lowers the complication rates of invasive surgical procedures.

Offered in over 75 countries, these state-of-the-art minimally-invasive endoscopic systems:

Orbera® Intragastric – Balloon System

The Orbera balloon is placed endoscopically inside the stomach and it is a space-occupying device. Orbera promotes weight loss for individuals with a BMI in the range of 30 to 40 as a part of the supervised program.

OverStitch® Endoscopic – Suturing System

OverStitch is a single-use device that is mounted on the top to perform endoscopic suturing. Additionally, OverStitch Sx is a modified version that is compatible with more endoscopes available on the market.

X-Tack® Endoscopic HeliX – Tacking System

The developers designed the X-Tack system to fix challenging defects in soft tissues of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract. Surgeons use it for closure of fistulas, gastric leaks, and more.

Furthermore, on July 13, 2022, the FDA granted approval to the trademarked Apollo ESG, Apollo ESG Sx, Apollo REVISE, and Apollo REVISE Sx. Additionally, these systems, which include the OverStitch® Endoscopic Suturing device, serve as the first and only ones for non-surgical weight loss procedures. Gastroenterologists and surgeons worldwide have successfully performed these procedures, such as endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) and transoral outlet reduction (TORe). In fact, they have completed over 25,000 ESG procedures and more than 10,000 bariatric revision procedures using these Apollo devices.

Apollo ESG: Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty With Apollo Overstitch

ESG is a highly effective weight loss procedure that delivers comparable results to VSG (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy). Compared to VSG, the ESG procedure stands out as it eliminates the need for invasive abdominal incisions and the removal of stomach tissue. Moreover, with ESG, the entire process is carried out through the patient’s throat, making it a non-surgical and minimally invasive option. This innovative procedure reshapes the patient’s stomach from the inside, creating a smaller tube-like pouch. Additionally, to secure this smaller shape, the surgeon uses Apollo ESG or Apollo ESG Sx (selected based on endoscope fit) to strategically place sutures in key areas. ESG provides excellent weight loss results with minimal invasiveness.

Apollo REVISE: Addressing Weight-Regain Assisted By Apollo Revision Device

Some individuals who have experienced gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery may encounter weight regain after their initial procedure. Additionally, weight regain can result from the stretching of the reduced stomach pouch, which allows for increased food consumption, or the enlargement of the opening between the stomach and small intestine (stoma).

The prospect of undergoing additional surgery to address these issues can be overwhelming. However, there is good news – a non-surgical solution known as the transoral outlet reduction procedure (TORe) with the Apollo REVISE (Sx) System can correct these problems. By utilizing the Apollo endoscopic suturing device, surgeons can effectively tighten these areas and restore them to their smaller size, similar to the results obtained from your primary bariatric surgery.

How does the Apollo Assisted Revision Procedure work?

The doctor completes the procedure on an outpatient basis, therefore eliminating the need for a hospital stay. Subsequently, the doctor discharges patients the same day to recover comfortably at home. Additionally, the doctor places the patient under anesthesia, effectively ensuring a pain-free experience.

1. An endoscope (a thin flexible tube) is placed down the patient’s throat. It has a lighted tip with a camera that sends images to a monitor so our surgeon can view the procedure in real time.

2. The special suturing device (Apollo Overstitch) is also lowered down through the endoscope.

  • Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty – The surgeon reduces the patient’s stomach volume by using Apollo ESG (Sx) to place full-thickness sutures in a specific pattern.

  • Endobariatric Revision – Apollo REVISE (Sx) is a surgical procedure that uses sutures to strategically restore the stomach pouch to its smaller size or to tighten the connection between the pouch and the lower intestine.

3. The endoscope is removed, and the procedure is complete.

What are the Benefits Of Using Apollo Endoscopic Procedures?

Apollo Endosurgery’s devices offer many benefits to both surgeons and patients while undergoing an ESG procedure or performing revisions to address regained weight after bariatric surgery. The benefits include:

  • No incisions are required.
  • Lower risk of complications.
  • Offers a short recovery time.
  • Offers significant weight loss potential.
  • Less invasive than other bariatric or revision surgeries.
  • Performed as an outpatient treatment. You are in and out on the same day.
  • We complete the procedure more quickly than other bariatric or revision surgeries.
  • The Apollo Overstitch revision restores the rapid weight loss of your original operation.

Does Insurance Cover Apollo Overstitch Treatment?

Health insurance may not cover your procedure. Thankfully, you have the option to finance your procedure if you qualify. Moreover, our administrative staff will be happy to assist you with your insurance or financing questions.

Why Choose IBI Healthcare Institute?

At IBI Healthcare Institute, you will discover a state-of-the-art surgical clinic that offers more:

  • High-quality treatments at affordable rates.
  • We offer financing options for qualified patients.
  • Our consistently excellent surgical outcomes have gained us a reputation.
  • A luxury private surgical center where you can expect personalized care throughout your journey to better health.
  • Fast, same-day services. If you meet the medical criteria, you may be able to have your Apollo procedure right away.