What is an Anal Fistula?

In particular, an anal fistula is a tunnel-like abnormality that runs from an abscessed area in the anal canal to an opening in the skin near the anus. However, anal fistulas usually form because an anal gland has developed an infection that causes an abnormal tunnel to form between the colon and the anal canal running under the skin and out through a hole in the skin near the anus.

What causes Anal Fistulas?

Furthermore, anal fistulas typically result from clogged, infected, and abscessed anal glands. Although rare, conditions like the following can also cause anal fistulas:

Symptoms and Signs of Anal Fistulas

How are Fistulas diagnosed?

In any event, a proctologist or medical specialist can usually determine the presence of fistulas by viewing the anal region. Also, MRI imaging helps identify the fistula tracts as well as any smaller abscesses that are present.

Treatment for Anal Fistulas


Unquestionably, in the past, surgery was the only way to treat fistulas. Equally important, 52% of patients had side effects like sphincter muscle damage leading to incontinence.

Non-surgical Therapy

Equally important, Fistula-Tract Laser Closure FiLaC® is a non-invasive treatment to eliminate anal fistulas without surgery or any risk of damage to the sphincter muscle.

How does FiLaC® Anal Fistulas work?

FiLaC® Anal Fistulas

Moreover, in the FiLaC® procedure, a small and thin laser probe effectively destroys the fistula tissue without harming adjacent tissue. Despite that, the flexible laser probe is inserted into the fistula tract and emits laser energy as it is withdrawn. When the FiLaC® laser probe is gradually retracted, the tract closes. In reality, this eliminates the need for a surgeon to try to tediously extract the unwanted fistula tissue during a long complex surgery. But still, to know more about FiLaC®, click here to view the article.

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What are the Benefits of FiLaC® Anal Fistulas?

Who is a Candidate for FiLaC® Anal Fistulas?


How Much Does FiLaC® Anal Fistulas Cost?

Conversely, the FiLaC® procedure is subject to pricing that can vary depending on the specific situation. However, IBI Healthcare Institute ensures transparent pricing encompassing procedures and surgeon expertise. The initial round is priced at a standard rate, with subsequent rounds incurring different costs, if needed. For additional information, please visit the Pricing Page for self-pay rates, noting that prices may be influenced by health status and available resources.

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