What is IV Hydration and Vitamin Therapy?

In particular, IV therapy is an efficient and quick way to provide your body with hydration, vitamins, and minerals that you may be lacking. At the same time, delivering these much-needed resources to your body intravenously allows for 100% absorption. Additionally, providing you with instant energy, a boost to your immune system, and the optimization of other vital functions.

Through the magic of IV therapy, in less than an hour. Indeed, you can give your body a much-deserved revitalization treatment that will leave you feeling more energized and refreshed.

IV Hydration And Vitamin Therapy

What are the Benefits of IV Hydration and Vitamin Therapy?

Fast and Effective

Nevertheless, oral nutritional supplements must be processed through your digestive system before they enter your bloodstream. When administering vitamins and nutrients intravenously these supplements with IV therapy are delivered immediately into your body. In addition, everything it needs is absorbed faster and more efficiently.

Elevates Natural Energy Level

Nonetheless, IV therapy delivering a concentration of vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin B and amino acids can boost your body’s natural energy level. Furthermore, a bonus is that these essential vitamins help curb hunger and inhibit sugar cravings.

Provides Support to Immune System

Even so, delivering a concentration of vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin B, and Amino ccids can boost your body’s natural energy level. Moreover, a bonus is that these essential vitamins help curb hunger and inhibit sugar cravings.

Helps with Weight Control

Without a doubt, IV Therapy is beneficial in helping lose weight or maintain weight loss by boosting your metabolism and promoting the breaking down of fat.

Promotes Faster Healing

Besides this, IV therapy can help your body repair cell damage faster and promote more effective wound healing. Thus, vitamin infusions also promote healthier skin.

Reduces the Visible Signs of Aging

Certainly, antioxidants delivered through IV hydration therapy can provide anti-aging benefits to your entire body. Subsequently, repairing damaged cells, and boosting skin health, to detoxing the liver. Consequently, these rapidly absorbing antioxidants help reverse the signs of aging. Finally, eliminating the toxins from your body helps promote healthier, firmer, and clearer skin minimizing the visibility of wrinkles.

Hangover Recovery

Especially, consuming alcohol causes dehydration which contributes greatly to the symptoms of a hangover when we drink too much. In the same way, the combination of electrolytes and other ingredients in IV hydration therapy will replenish fluids. As a result, alleviates dizziness and other hangover symptoms leaving you feeling more like yourself.

How fast will I feel the Effects of IV Hydration and Vitamin Therapy?

Thus, >most patients feel refreshed and more energetic immediately following their IV therapy. However, depending on the type of IV Therapy you are receiving, the results might be delivered gradually over several days or weeks.

IV Hydration And Vitamin Therapy

What does IV Therapy cost in Atlanta?

Although, the cost associated with IV Therapy will vary depending on the patient and the type of IV hydration being administered.

Therefore, IV hydration therapy is not typically covered under insurance and is a self-pay procedure. Above all, our team of professionals can discuss the exact cost of your IV Therapy treatment at the time of your consultation.

IV Vitamin Hydration Therapy Special Blends

Specialty Blend Benefits

Firstly, improve balance in body, soul, and mind

  • Stress Relief.
  • Energy Boost.
  • Restores Balance.
  • Restores Hydration.
Immunity Boost

Feeling a bit off or is everyone around you getting sick? Take action now and give your immune system a boost to help combat or avoid sickness.

  • Anti-Inflammatory.
  • Restores Hydration.
  • Boosts Immune System.
  • Alleviates Cold/Flu Symptoms.


That being said, drenches your body in hydrating electrolytes providing much-needed refreshment throughout your body.

  • Restores Hydration.
  • Restores PH Balance.
  • Balances Fluid Levels.
  • Electrolyte Replenishment.

As a matter of fact, reward your muscles for all their hard work and aid in their recovery with a boost of amino acids.

  • Boosts Energy.
  • Replenishes Electrolytes.
  • Combats Fatigue.Restores Hydration.
  • Promotes Muscle and Tissue Recovery.
Good Morning Sunshine!

Although, it is hard to soar with the eagles in the morning if you hoot with the owls all night.

Even though it may seem, IV therapy alleviates hangover symptoms or recover from an all-night gig with this energy-boosting detox combination.

  • Maximizes Hydration.
  • Restore Electrolytes. 
  • Helps Detox the Body.
  • Provides Extra Energy.
Kinetic Edge

This blend does double time with a zip of energy that will help bolster your physical ability while sharpening your mind and focus.

  • Body Detox.
  • Increases Energy.
  • Hydrates the Body.
  • Boosts Mental Acuity.
  • Supports Metabolism.
  • Supports the Immune System.

Healthy Glow

Unquestionably, IV therapy rejuvenates your skin promoting the radiant glow of youth leaving you refreshed and feeling fabulous.

  • Body Detoy.
  • Hydrates the Body.
  • Brightens the Skin.
  • Strengthens Hirs and Nails.

IV Hydration and Vitamin Therapy jumpstart your weight loss program or add a little extra oomph to your workout!

  • Hydration.
  • Fat Burning.
  • Energy Boost.
  • Hydrates the Body.
  • Increases Energy Level.
  • Promotes Faster Metabolism.
  • Aids in Muscle Maintenance and Recovery.

Finally, a great pre or post-surgical hydration therapy blend that helps optimize the body’s natural healing power and provide a smoother recovery.

  • Restores Hydration.
  • Promotes Quick Healing.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties.