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Use our free Online Weight Loss Calculator to estimate and track your progress. Set realistic goals and achievable targets to guide your weight loss efforts. To see how much weight you could potentially lose with the help of a weight loss procedure, please, enter your current weight in pounds, e.g. 215 lbs, and your height in feet and inches, e.g. 5' 5". Then pick a procedure you are interested in and click "Calculate". Your BMI score, your ideal weight, and your weight loss progression chart will appear below.
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This weight loss calculator is a free online tool that both female and male patients can use to get an idea of how much weight they can lose after undergoing one of the weight loss procedures offered at IBI: Gastric Balloon, ESG, LSG, Gastric Bypass, Lap-Band, Duodenal Switch, SASI, and SADI.

To calculate potential body weight reduction, we use your body parameters such as weight and height. Then we calculate your current Body Mass Index (BMI) and tell what your ideal weight would be. Using the average percentage of excess weight loss (%EWL) following a bariatric procedure, we provide you with a chart of weight loss results by 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months post-op.

The weight loss progression calculator is a useful tool to get an initial understanding of which weight loss procedure better fits your expectations and how long it will take to reach your goal weight. However, only a personal consultation with a bariatric expert can ensure the proper evaluation of your case and offer the right solution to achieve your weight goals.

Online Weight Loss Calculator: Estimate and Track Your Progress

Online Weight Loss Calculator – Practical Example

A patient is considering a bariatric procedure but is not sure where to start his research. Moreover, he wants to calculate potential weight loss from different procedures. However, his current weight is 268 lbs and his height is 5′ 9″. Furthermore, he inputs his body parameters into the weight loss calculator. Subsequently, pick a bariatric procedure from the list, e.g. an intragastric balloon Orbera, and click “Calculate”.

Consequently, the calculator for weight loss progression will then show a patient’s BMI. (39.6), ideal weight (169 lbs), and weight to lose (99 lbs). Additionally, the tool will reveal how a patient loses weight gradually during the chosen program. Lastly, his weight will be 256 lbs in 3 months, 244 lbs in 6 months, and 232 lbs in 12 months post-op according to the weight loss calculator.

Conversely, a patient is not satisfied with the potential weight loss and runs the calculator again choosing another procedure. In the end, he identifies procedures, that meet his weight loss expectations. Nonetheless, a patient wants to get more details about the procedures and book a consultation with an expert from the IBI Healthcare Institute.