Overall, digital health tools and resources play a vital role in timely attending to individuals’ health concerns. Undeniably empowering patients, and improving health outcomes. At IBI Healthcare Institute and IBI Laser Institute, our patients’ ongoing support has been instrumental. Particularly, in the development of these digital health tools. We’re grateful for their trust in us. Committed to continuing to provide resources for the betterment of the amazing community we are part of. 

Available Resources at IBI

We’ve compiled a collection of free digital health tools, downloadables, and calculators. Specifically designed to address various traumatic, acute, and chronic conditions. 

Resources | Health Tools

BMI Calculator

Calculate your BMI to determine your body mass index. Find the recommended weight loss procedure options best suited for you.

Pre-Qualification Quiz

Take the quiz to determine your eligibility for a bariatric weight loss procedure. Best suited to your specific health conditions.

GERD Calculator

Calculate your heartburn, acid reflux, and GERD symptoms, stages, and scores.  Get valuable insights into the potential stage of your condition.

Weight Loss Calculator

Set realistic goals and achievable targets. To see how much weight you could potentially lose with the help of a weight loss procedure.

Resources | Digital Media


Get access to the latest healthcare insights, exclusive wellness tips, free diet plans, and expert advice from board-certified surgeons.

Online Bariatric Seminar

Join our free monthly bariatric seminar hosted by IBI expert bariatric surgeons. Connect with others who are on the same journey as you.

Before & After Gallery

Find inspiration in patients’ success stories and transformational journeys. We’ve helped individuals achieve their weight loss goals.


Join us as our surgeons share inspiring weight loss stories and practical tips. Get valuable procedure overview and insights.

Resources | Bariatric Guidelines

Bariatric Patient Resources

Download free diet plans and pre-post-operative instructions. Crafted by our experienced bariatric surgeons for sustainable long-term outcomes.

Bariatric Clinic Comparison

Learn about our surgical and non-surgical weight loss procedures. Explore what sets IBI apart from other traditional weight loss centers.

Georgia Travel Information

Individuals coming from another state to Georgia. Find helpful information about the arrival airport, directions, and the recommended hotels.

Florida Travel

Individuals traveling to Florida from other states. Find airport arrival, recommended hotels, and directions to the IBI clinics in Tampa and Hudson.

Resources | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Orbera® Gastric Balloon Procedure

Get answers to common questions about the Orbera® Gastric Balloon Procedure. Learn more about benefits, risks, and expectations.

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

Discover answers to FAQs about the Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty procedure. Understand benefits, risks, and recovery.

Endoscopic Revision Procedure

Explore FAQs on Endoscopic Revision Procedure. Additionally, find insights on cost, insurance, risks, and recovery.

IBI Healthcare General Queries

Find answers to general queries about IBI Healthcare services and procedures. Learn about our offerings, support, and more.

Resources | Importance for Individuals


Firstly, convenient access to our digital health resources and information anytime, anywhere, improving patient engagement and empowerment.

Remote Monitoring

Secondly, individuals can monitor their health parameters remotely. Similarly, enabling early detection of potential issues and timely intervention. In particular, these resources are beneficial for managing chronic conditions.

Health Tracking

Likewise, these digital health tools allow patients to track their health metrics. Such as the severity of particular conditions, symptoms, stages, and recommended procedures. Evidently, facilitating better self-management and personalized care.

Telemed Consultation

We also integrating resources and offering telemedicine services. As well as enabling virtual consultations, eliminating geographical barriers, and improving access to care.

Health Education

Consequently, individuals can access educational materials, and videos through our digital platforms. Moreover, promoting health literacy and informed decisions about their specific health conditions

Appointment Scheduling

Nevertheless, our online appointment scheduling systems integrated with our resources including digital health tools. As a matter of fact, reducing wait times, and enhances patient satisfaction. By offering fast-tracked scheduling with flexibility and convenience.

Medication Management

Besides this, our web portal as a part of our resources. We also facilitate medical weight loss medication. Additionally, it processes the refill requests online. Subsequently, reducing medication errors, improving compliance, and ultimately leading to better health outcomes.

Personalized Care Plans

While attempting calculators and quizzes. Moreover, our digital health tools generate personalized care plans tailored to individuals’ scoring.

Cost Savings

Nonetheless, our resources including BMI, Weight Loss, Pre-Qualification, and GERD calculators and quizzes. In particular, helped reduce unnecessary hospital visits. Eventually preventing complications through early intervention and symptom identification. Resulting in sustainable cost savings for both patients and healthcare systems.

Resources | Benefits of Digital Health Tools

Resources | Online Digital Health Tools, and Bariatric Guidelines