How Long to Lose 100 Pounds with ESG (Without Surgery)?

Lose 100 Pounds with ESG

If you are determined to shed excess pounds and improve your overall well-being, congratulations on taking the first step towards a healthier lifestyle! To achieve a weight loss goal, you may have already decided against opting for surgical procedures and are searching for alternative methods. Now, you may be wondering how to lose 100 pounds with ESG (Non-surgical).

You can do it and others have already done it – that’s the good news. Losing 100 pounds may seem intimidating, as it is a significant amount of weight, but if you commit to making it happen, it is entirely possible! You just might need a little help!

Why it is Hard to Lose Weight Without Help

Chances are if you have 100 excess pounds to lose, you have tried fad diets, and have played the yo-yo game of losing and then regaining weight. Many people have been through this scenario and their efforts do not produce the results they desire but they are never sure exactly why.

Many people think that losing weight is merely a matter of willpower but this is not entirely true. Sometimes, there are extenuating circumstances that inhibit weight loss even for the most committed individual and they need some help.

There is a non-surgical weight loss procedure called Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG) that has helped people lose a significant amount of weight, even as much as 100 pounds in only 12 months!

Some of the reasons weight loss efforts fail are:

Patient Compliance

Lack of patient compliance plays a significant role in why weight loss is often unsuccessful and the top 4 areas that failed are:

  • No serious commitment.

  • Not eating the right foods.

  • Sedentary behavior, not getting enough exercise:

  • Stress eating – no support system in place.

Metabolic Influences


  • It plays a role in an individual’s susceptibility to becoming a higher weight. Often this begins in childhood.


  • Our body naturally conserves calories, so when we cut calories and try to lose weight, our metabolism slows down to help conserve what we have, inhibiting weight loss.

Insulin Resistance

  • Elevated insulin levels and insulin resistance are associated with excess weight gain and obesity.

Food Addiction

  • Sometimes there are psychological factors that contribute to weight gain and subsequent food addictions. Sugar and high-fat foods send gratification signals to the brain which only serves to reinforce the cycle.


  • When a person is under stress, their body releases a hormone called cortisol that impacts the metabolism stimulating fats and carbs. This can create a burst of energy which, historically was important for survival, but also increases the appetite. Short-term high cortisol levels are normal however chronic prolonged elevated levels can result in overeating and weight gain.


  • Such as anti-depressants or steroids can promote weight gain by increasing the appetite or slowing the metabolism to reduce calorie burn.

How Does ESG Work to Lose Weight Without Surgery?

The procedure ESG is performed outpatient and allows patients to return home the same day. The procedure does not require any incisions as the doctor lowers an endoscope down the patient’s esophagus.

A small flexible tube outfitted with a tiny camera allows passing down other tiny surgical instruments known as an endoscope. The surgeon strategically reshapes the patient’s stomach into a small banana-like shape and secures this new shape using 7-12 sutures.

The new stomach shape decreases available space by about 70%, leading to reduced food intake per meal. Additionally, it keeps the stomach feeling fuller for longer, helping to curb hunger pangs and prevent snacking between meals.

Because endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is not a surgery, there is no overnight hospital stay required, no incisions to care for, and no resulting scarring. If necessary, you can also reverse the procedure, and doctors often use it to revise previous weight-loss surgeries. Watch the video.

How Can I Lose 100 Pounds in a Year with ESG?

Having the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) procedure will assist you significantly as you navigate through your weight loss journey. It will help you with 2 of the hardest tasks that people trying to lose weight face.

  1. Portion control is forced and the patient can only eat a small portion of food before they are full.

  2. Curbs eat to satisfy hunger pangs because the reduced stomach size takes longer to digest food and therefore patient feels satisfied and full for a longer period.

With proper utilization of ESG for weight loss, success in shedding and maintaining weight is achievable. However, it’s essential to note that losing 100 pounds through ESG demands commitment, persistence, patience, and adaptation to significant lifestyle alterations.

How Lifestyle Changes Help Me Lose 100 Pounds with ESG?

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty can help you lose 100+ pounds but it will not do all the work. To be successful in losing weight patients will also need to follow the instructions and guidelines provided to them by their bariatric clinic.

Healthy Diet

Following your dietary plan and collaborating with the clinic dietician is vital for successful weight loss. It is crucial to consume the correct foods in the right order, considering your smaller stomach size to avoid nutrient deficiencies. Your diet will need gradual adjustments and strategies to overcome plateaus in your weight loss journey.

It is also very important to eat slowly so you can adequately gauge when you have eaten enough. Overfilling your stomach can have negative side effects, stretching it out and negating the ESG procedure’s benefits.

Daily Exercise

Your level of activity will speed up your weight loss process as well as get you feeling better much faster. As the weight comes off, your energy levels will increase and you will find that you can perform many tasks. Many patients who suffer from weight-related conditions find relief from type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and more.


Building strong support systems is crucial for navigating your new lifestyle. Your bariatric clinic provides support through nutrition, mental health, and weight loss groups. Additionally, numerous online resources allow you to connect with like-minded individuals on the same healthy path. These groups often engage in exercise-related activities in a fun social setting with nutritious snacks or meals.

Unfortunately, losing a large amount of weight can alienate patients from certain friends or even family members. Often, these people fail to grasp your journey or the emotional and physical transformations you’re undergoing.

If you have friends who only meet up for dessert and wine, perhaps you should avoid being in that situation. These friends may not understand and it could put a strain on the relationships.


Having an accountability partner or group is crucial when striving to lose 100 pounds in a year with ESG. If we are honest with ourselves, there may be reasons that caused the weight gain in the first place.

Many individuals “eat their feelings” while others eat too much, or eat the wrong things. A reliable support system during vulnerable moments is a valuable safety net.

ESG has proven to be effective in achieving significant weight loss, as demonstrated by patient testimonials. This includes the potential to lose up to 100 pounds in just one year. By utilizing ESG (Without Surgery) alongside your determination and perseverance, you can experience substantial weight loss.

If you are ready to begin your journey to health and wish to lose a significant amount of weight, you can do it! IBI Healthcare Institute is here to assist you the entire way. Our professional, compassionate experts have your best interest in mind and will help you reach your weight loss goals. We will celebrate your victories with you and gently navigate you back on track if you misstep. Contact IBI Healthcare Institute today to set up a consultation, We look forward to meeting you!

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