How Much Does Orbera Balloon Cost?

how much does orbera cost?
Discover what you need to know about the considerations that impact the pricing of the Orbera Balloon Procedure.

Have you tried to lose weight through diet and exercise but just cannot seem to make any progress? One of the toughest things to overcome when attempting to lose weight is the constant annoyance of your stomach reminding you that it is hungry. This “survival” instinct that naturally kicks in when we try to limit our calorie intake can be a big deterrent to weight loss success.

Furthermore, what if I told you there is a nonsurgical weight loss device that can help you feel full and assist in achieving your ideal weight? Unsurprisingly, would you be interested? To that end, today we are going to discuss the nonsurgical intragastric balloon, how it works, and how much the procedure costs. Additionally, it will provide some insight on how to determine whether or not it is right for you. Also, although this device is gaining popularity, it is an important decision that requires some research.

What Is an Intragastric Balloon?

An intragastric balloon is a device that is used to help higher-weight patients lose weight. It is a non-surgical non-invasive and less expensive alternative to bariatric surgery.

The ORBERA® Balloon is a brand name for a commonly used intragastric balloon.

How Does the Orbera Balloon Work for Weight Loss?

Gently sedating the patient, the doctor guides an endoscope down the throat and places the deflated Orbera balloon into the stomach. Subsequently, inflating the balloon to the size of a grapefruit with saline solution, the procedure is complete.

The Orbera balloon helps patients lose weight because the balloon is taking up room in the stomach making the patient feel “full” and also causing a semi-forced portion control environment. The patient can only eat small portions at mealtimes and their stomachs are not reminding them all day of how hungry they are. The combination of these two benefits makes losing weight less difficult.

How Long Does Treatment With an Orbera Balloon Last?

Normally, part of the cost of the Orbera balloon treatment covers specialized support that the patient receives for 12 months. For an entire year, patients receive nutritional guidance and support, while the Orbera balloon itself is only placed in the stomach temporarily for 6 months.

Does Insurance Cover Orbera?

Currently, in the United States, major insurance companies and those included under the Medicare umbrella specifically exclude coverage for intragastric balloon procedures. Insurance companies treat intragastric balloon weight loss as an aesthetic procedure. Not a procedure to treat co-morbidities related to obesity.

Even though insurance companies often lag in medical advances, currently, however, the Orbera balloon is not yet recognized by insurance.

Most bariatric surgery centers offer low-cost financing options to qualified patients to help patients self-pay for the Orbera balloon. Another cost-saving option is to use their flexible spending accounts FSA/HSA if they have one, to help lower the cost of the Orbera balloon.

On average, what is the cost of the Orbera Balloon?

Pricing for the Orbera balloon procedure often varies across different practices in the United States; moreover, the cost may differ according to location. It is important to fully understand what the price quoted to you includes before choosing a bariatric surgeon.

Ask your bariatric specialist questions such as:

  1. Does the cost of the Orbera balloon include both the insertion and removal of the balloon?

  2. Does it include sedation?

  3. What about the 12 months of ongoing support and follow-up visits?

According to The Bariatric Surgery Source website, the average cost of an Orbera balloon procedure in the United States is $8,248. Here is how the cost of Orbera stacks up against average bariatric surgery costs.

Average Cost of the Orbera Balloon vs. Bariatric Surgery Chart

Procedure Average Cost
Orbera Balloon $8,248
Gastric Lap Band $15,180
Gastric Sleeve $19,228
Gastric Bypass $24,288
Duodenal Switch $27,324

How Much Does the Orbera Balloon Cost in Georgia?

The Orbera balloon cost varies by state and by a surgeon but IBI Healthcare Institute offers all-inclusive, self-pay, transparent pricing. Patients, consequently, receive support from IBI Healthcare professionals throughout the entire 12-month period to facilitate, in turn, their attainment of weight loss goals. Additionally, this support is unprecedented in its level of commitment. Undoubtedly, this aid is invaluable in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

Currently, IBI is offering a promotional special price on the cost of the Orbera Balloon procedure. Prices are subject to change at any time. Though Orbera is not covered by medical insurance, IBI offers financing options. With selected financing plans, there are no payments in the first 3-6 months.

Nonetheless, at IBI Healthcare Institute, our staff of highly skilled professionals is eager to support you as you navigate your weight loss journey. Moreover, if you obtain a consultation with us, you can find out whether you qualify for the Orbera balloon procedure. Subsequently, take action now and schedule your appointment with us to get one step closer to achieving your goal.

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