How To Shrink Your Stomach Without Surgery?

Shrink Stomach Without Surgery
Discover a comprehensive guide to shrink your stomach without surgery.

Are you looking for a way to non-surgical stomach reduction procedure to achieve your health and fitness goals? Does your BMI fall in the 30-40 range? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you are going to want to learn about these non-surgical weight loss options.

Bariatric Surgery vs Non-Surgical Stomach Reduction Procedure

Bariatric Surgery

Historically the only way to lose a significant amount of weight was to undergo some type of bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery consists of a permanent reduction in the size of the stomach. Sometimes accompanied by the alteration of the digestive system.

Normally, a surgeon uses a scalpel to cut away a large portion of the stomach reducing it down to about a quarter of its original size. The remainder of the stomach is shaped into a small sleeve-like pouch and the ends are stapled together. This results in the patient eating less, feeling full longer, and losing weight.

In addition, many weight-loss surgeries or stomach reduction procedures include making changes to the length and connection points of the small intestine which shortens the digestive process and prevents the body from absorbing and storing all the calories that are ingested.

Surgical procedures incur more risk, require hospital stays, and have longer recovery times.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss

The qualifications for bariatric surgery are normally a BMI of at least 40 or a BMI of at least 35. And a weight-related health issue such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure.

What if your BMI does not qualify you for weight loss surgery? Then what? Maybe you have tried but diet and exercise have not been successful in helping you lose weight, or you do not want to undergo bariatric surgery or can’t have surgery for extenuating circumstances. Are there any non-surgical weight loss options that work? The good news is yes, there are. You can also check our free online Weight Loss Calculator to identify the best-suited procedure for you.

Shrinking Stomach Without Surgery Options

It may sound too good to be accurate, but you can lose weight and shrink your stomach without surgery. Medical advancements have made possible both gastric balloon procedures and endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty. Each of these options uses different techniques but offers significant weight loss potential without a single incision.

Stomach Reduction Procedure 1 – Intragastric Balloons for Space-Occupying

The doctor implants a gastric balloon such as the Orbera Balloon into the stomach of the patient to give the feeling of being full while limiting the amount the patient eats at one time. They only use the gastric balloon temporarily for six months before removing it.

The general idea is that the patient, under the guidance of a support system, follows a diet. Exercise plan for six months that teaches positive lifestyle changes and portion control. If the patient continues practicing what they learned with the balloon. They can maintain their weight loss or continue to lose weight.

Patients who have used the Orbera gastric balloon have lost between 10% and 47% of their total body weight in six months.

Stomach Reduction Procedure 2 – Endosleeve to Reduce Stomach Without Incisions

We perform Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG) to make a patient‘s stomach smaller, similar to the surgical gastric sleeve. Unlike gastric sleeve surgery where the surgeon cuts away a portion of the stomach. There are no incisions and the stomach remains intact.

The stomach is re-shaped into a small pouch and then stitched in place using about a dozen sutures. As a result, the stomach becomes much smaller about 75% smaller. The patient is not able to consume as much food. They can lose weight because they do not always feel hungry and learn portion control.

The sutures used during EGS are resilient and can last permanently however, the process can be reversed or adjusted if necessary.

Patients have reported weight loss of as much as 114 pounds after having endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty. The amount of weight loss is directly related to the patient’s dedication to adhering to new lifestyle choices, including diet and exercise.

If you are looking for the best non-surgical weight loss option or stomach reduction procedure, contact IBI Healthcare Institute today and set up a consultation. One of our team of caring experts will answer any questions you may have and will outline all options that may be right for you.

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