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A Minimally Invasive Treatment For Hemorrhoids

About 50% of the population experience chronic hemorrhoids and over 80% of the population have issues with their hemorrhoids at least once during their lifetime. Intermittent hemorrhoid flare-ups can be a nuisance but when they begin to affect the quality of life, it is time to seek treatment.

What Are Hemorrhoids?

Everyone has hemorrhoids and their function is to keep the anus closed to hold in gas and liquid stool contained within the intestine. Hemorrhoids work like small pads or cushions to create a nice tight seal when they are functioning properly. When these pads deviate from their normal size for one reason or another, they can become painful, itchy, or can bleed.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Without Surgery

Many individuals suffer from hemorrhoids because they wish to avoid surgery. LHP® is a minimally invasive laser therapy that is specifically designed to target and shrink hemorrhoids offering patients the perfect solution!

How Does LHP® Work To Treat Hemorrhoids?

During LHP® local anesthesia is used to keep the patient comfortable and a thin laser probe is inserted into the anus to treat the hemorrhoids. During the LHP® procedure, the laser probe is used to shrink the hemorrhoids from the inside out. A laser fiber is strategically placed in the middle of each hemorrhoid and the laser radiation is activated which causes them to slowly revert to their normal size. This also cuts off the blood supply to the engorged hemorrhoids and within a few days of LHP®, bleeding from hemorrhoids should decrease significantly.

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What Are The Benefits of LHP®?

LHP® effectively treats hemorrhoids without traditional surgical risks or the prolonged recovery associated with surgical hemorrhoid treatment. The benefits of LHP® include:
No tissue is cut or removed from the anus
Operative time is much shorter than surgical hemorrhoid treatment
The laser treatment cuts off the blood supply so hemorrhoids can no longer protrude out of the anus.
Strategically targeted to prevent damage to anoderm, sphincter, or mucous membranes
Quick recovery and able to return to normal routine in only a few days
Quick recovery and able to return to normal routine in only a few days

Who Is A Candidate For LHP®?

You may be a candidate for Laser HemorrhoidoPlasty LHP® if you:
  • Experience chronic hemorrhoids and other treatments have been unsuccessful;
  • Are experiencing both internal and external hemorrhoids;
  • Have bleeding or pain;
  • Experience prolapsed hemorrhoids (protruding from the anus)
  • Are experiencing a hemorrhoid with a blood clot;
  • Have a strangulated hemorrhoid (hemorrhoid that is trapped cutting off its blood supply).

How Much Does Laser HemorrhoidoPlasty LHP® Cost?

The average cost of Laser Hemorrhoidoplasy LHP® is $3,500 but may vary depending on specific circumstances. IBI Healthcare Institute offers transparent all-inclusive pricing that not only includes the price of the procedure but most importantly, the expertise and knowledge of the surgeon who will be performing the procedure. Enroll in the IBI Healthcare Institute Rewards Program to save money on treatments. Visit our pricing page to view IBI Healthcare Institute’s self-pay all-inclusive pricing. The actual price may be influenced by insurance coverage, health status, or the use of additional resources. We also offer financing options for qualified customers.

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