Wegovy Reviews From Real Patients: Weight Loss, Side Effects

Wegovy Reviews From Real Patient: Weight Loss, Side Effects

Are you curious to know Wegovy’s reviews and side effects from real patients who have used Wegovy for weight loss and their unique outcomes?

Wegovy hit the market in June 2021 and skyrocketed in popularity. There was such a demand for this prescription weight loss drug that the manufacturer was not able to keep up and as a result, it has been in short supply.

Above all, the individuals who were fortunate enough to obtain this in-demand prescription and have been using it are inundating social media sites with their Wegovy weight loss reviews. Let’s see what real patients are saying about their experience with Wegovy.

Wegovy Weight Loss Reviews and Side Effects

The following Wegovy reviews are from real patients and many contain both pros and cons of using Wegovy.

Weight Loss and Reduction of Side Effects

Many patients have successfully lost a significant amount of weight with Wegovy and as a result, they have found relief from weight-related illnesses.

“I have been on Wegovy for 6 months and I am down 65 pounds. My Hypertension is gone. My Pre-Diabetes is gone. My sleep apnea is gone. My Leg joints are no longer breaking down. My weight loss is going slower now and I am having to fight the return of old eating habits. Wegovy is not for wimps but if you are determined to lose weight, this is the way to go.”

“I just took my 9th Wegovy injection and this is my 8th week and I have already lost 40 pounds. This definitely curbed my appetite. The day that I take the injection, it makes me tired and I have a lot of gas and some diarrhea occasionally, but losing this weight is worth the side effects.”

“Wegovy has been life-changing. I am 6’3″ and started at 357 lbs. I have been on this medication for exactly 4 months and I have lost 60 lbs. My doctor cut my blood pressure medicine in half, and I have been able to stop taking Lasix and potassium. I didn’t really experience any terrible side effects except early on I had some stomach upset and heartburn.”

Discontinuing Use

Wegovy is a great solution that can assist many individuals, but unfortunately, it doesn’t suit everyone’s needs. During a clinical trial of 2,116 patients, 3% had to discontinue using Wegovy due to chronic side effects. If you fall into this category, your doctor should be able to discuss alternative options.

“I just finished my fifth month and have lost about 30lbs. I have been going to the gym 3-5 days a week. Nonetheless, this prescription definitely curbs your appetite which helps but the nausea is very real! Every month, I kept thinking it would get better but it has not. Sometimes I throw up for hours. I also have a lot of burping and when I first started, I was constipated. Another thing that has been consistent for me is that for a few days after I do my injection, I have no energy. It is great and works for weight loss if you can deal with nausea. I plan to finish this 6-month prescription but this will be my last round of injections because I can not endure nausea anymore”

“This Wegovy prescription does work and I lost over twelve pounds in just six weeks but it also was the worst experience I have ever had with medication. I began with the lowest dose for 4 weeks and then moved up to the next dose. I do not know how anyone makes it to the maintenance dose. I made it to the second dose of 0.5 mg before I couldn’t do it anymore. For the entire 6 weeks, I had an upset stomach with the worst reflux and heartburn I have ever had. I also had constant nausea. I had to force myself to eat. I could not do it anymore and it was very expensive”

“I was on Wegovy for 8 weeks. From the lowest dose, I had nausea and occasional diarrhea. By my seventh injection, I got very sick with extreme nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. I skipped the next dose and have been to the ER two times for fluids and anti-nausea medicine. The worst of it has been the non-stop diarrhea and not being able to keep anything down has been miserable. On a better note, I did lose 23 pounds.”

Eliminating Cravings

“I’m on my 18th week of Wegovy and now at the maximum dose. I read many reviews where people mentioned cramps and nausea. I experienced this early on and normally during the first 2 days after my injection but not so much now with this 2.4gm dose. The cure for nausea on Wegovy that worked best for me was a couple of bouillon cubes. Worked every time. I tried to eat a high protein low carb diet and ate a lot of salads. I have lost 67 lbs so far which is absolutely amazing. I am preparing for a knee replacement and this has been what I needed to lose weight. The medication has taken away all the food cravings and I can tell when my injection is wearing off because the cravings start to come back. I am trying to make good choices!”

Mild or No Side Effects

Some patients did not experience any side effects or only had mild ones that they could live with. Losing weight has been a good experience for these patients.

“I have been on both Wegovy & Ozempic, and my experience has been LIFE-CHANGING. It has stopped the 24/7 hunger and I no longer feel out of control for the first time in my life when it comes to food. I started on Ozempic and then moved to Wegovy (now 2.4 mg dose). I’ve lost 87 lbs with 50 lbs more to go but more than halfway to my goal. I only had some minor stomach upset for about a week but after that, I have had zero side effects. I feel full eating much less food, I no longer think about food all the time, and I’m more in control. The biggest downside is the cost; my health insurance doesn’t cover Wegovy and my coupon is about to run out”

“At the .25 dose of Wegovy, my appetite has been totally curbed. I do not feel hungry all the time like I used to. I am now eating only about one-third of what used to be normal for me. It has not made me sick or feel bad at all unlike other patient reviews described. It has been a Godsend for me, especially with weight gain from COVID and menopause”

“When I started, I was a size 16 or XXL/pants size and 215 pounds. I have been using Wegovy for a year and I lost 90 pounds! I am now 125 pounds and size 2 or small/pants size. This weight loss prescription drug reset my entire body chemistry and metabolism and I never dieted or exercised at all during the past year. I went back down to a lower dose just to maintain my weight loss. I am so grateful that I found this medication.”

Nausea and Other Side Effects

“I have been using Wegovy injections for two months and I have already lost 17 lbs. I have not done any exercise or I would probably have lost more. I stopped drinking sodas and I am trying to eat better. I have noticed that if I eat certain foods or try to eat too much, I get nauseous. I don’t get hungry as much and I get full faster when I eat. This is really working for me!”

“I am in the middle of my fourth month and have lost 36 pounds so far but I have noticed that my weight loss has slowed down. I am still losing but just not as fast as I was before. I do not get hungry and have lost interest in food so sometimes I have to make myself eat because of low blood sugar. (I had this before I started Wegovy injections) I had tried for months to lose weight and this is the only thing that has worked. I have had some side effects like tiredness, dizziness, stomach pain, burping, gas, and hair loss. I also can not eat anything fried or greasy at all or I get nauseous. (which is good)”

“I started Wegovy about 2 months ago and have lost 14 pounds. The second injection of .50 has been rough on my stomach. I have medicine to help with nausea and I always have to take it on the day of my injection. Sometimes I get bad abdominal pains and I feel tired on and off. I can’t eat very much and have to be careful not to eat greasy, spicy, or heavy foods or I pay for it with severe intestinal pain. The side effects are rough but I am very happy about losing weight”

“I have been using Wegovy injections for about 4 months and am down 45 pounds. I did a low-carb diet as well which has really helped me to lose weight. As others have said, the side effects are very real. I have had extreme constipation and nausea for two days after every injection. I take Zofran for nausea and I have been on stool softeners. It has really helped curb my appetite and it’s helping me lose the weight I needed to lose.”

Wegovy Reviews About Hair Loss

“I have been using Wegovy for about 5 and a half months but have had issues finding the medication. I have had to skip weeks between refills but I am down 34 pounds since starting and have not really been hungry. Even when I had to skip doses due to backorder, I continued to lose weight and was not hungry. It has been a wonderful solution to find after struggling my whole life with my weight. I have experienced hair loss that began the fourth month so I am using a multivitamin that will hopefully help. My appetite was so low, I asked my doctor to reduce my dose back to that of the third month. I occasionally eat “bad” foods (fast food, desserts) and haven’t noticed any other bad side effects or problems. It is just hard to eat very much so I try to get in my protein first.”

“However, I started with Ozempic and switched to Wegovy about 4 months later. I am 50 and 5’6” and weighed 217 pounds. In only nine months, I have dropped 70 pounds and am now at 147 pounds! I was a size 16 and now I am a size 8. I could only take 1.0 because when I went to the higher dose my kidney functions were reduced. I was afraid at first about giving myself an injection but it was so easy. Absolutely amazing! Nevertheless, I did have some side effects but they normally happen the day of my injection and then they go away. I had trouble sleeping, and I would get nauseous when I would smell certain things, and then hair loss started during the sixth month. Nothing else ever worked for me, with menopause and stress for over 10 years. I finally love my body which is something I have not ever said.“

Wegovy Reviews From Reddit

There are many places where you can read real stories and find information on patient experiences with Wegovy. As a matter of fact, the following screenshots were taken from real Wegovy reviews on Reddit.

It sounds like this girl had amazing results from her Wegovy experience and not only lost weight but gained self-confidence and a healthier lifestyle. And whoever the “guy” is that dissed her, well, your loss buddy!

6-month Patient review

From this Wegovy patient review, it seems that making sure your stomach is not empty may provide some relief from nausea.

“I only got nauseous when decreeased hunger was so bad that I wasn’t eating. I’d go all day without eating beacuse I wasn’t hungry and then feel terrible. If that’s you, it might help find a platable snack you can eat. This stopped me once the effects became more moderate”.

That being said, with any weight loss program, it is normal to hit plateaus. This user asked for advice and the individual who answered made a good point. When hitting a weight loss plateau with Wegovy, remember that muscle weighs more than fat and look for other signs that the medication is still working such as dropping clothing sizes, etc.


At a Standstill

“I started Wegovy in March, I was 275, and I’m down to 129. I’m on the highest dose. I am stuck at this weight. I Haven’t seen the scale move in a few weeks. Trying not to get discouraged as I have lost quite a bit, I also feel more hungry lately. but sticking to healthy habits to prevent gain. Limited on exercise besides walking for now as I had back surgery a few months ago. Any advice? Anyone experiencing something similar and got back on track?”


“Sometimes you need time to reboot and composition change (fat: muscle ratio). I started in Sep 2021 and am on the highest Wegovy dose. I went from 330 down to 246 and had been sitting at 246 since the beginning of August. I’d bounce 245-246 etc. back and forth for the past few months. At that time I dropped another clothing size and was losing inches. Today I hopped on the scale and 236. It will move again but look for other ways your body may be changing as the plateau may be a reboot.”

Moreover, if you are interested in learning more about Wegovy and other safe and effective options for weight loss, contact IBI Healthcare Institute. The professional team at IBI Healthcare can answer your questions and address your concerns about your weight loss goals.

Furthermore, IBI Healthcare Institute offers comprehensive weight loss programs customized to target the Inhibitors to weight loss for each patient. Set up a consultation today and start your journey to wellness.

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