When Will Wegovy Be Available? Stay Informed with Latest Updates

When Will Wegovy Be Available

When Will Wegovy Be Available? Stay informed about the upcoming availability of Wegovy through official announcements and news.

Update: Also check out our elaborated blog post on the recent development of Wegovy. Discover more about it’s Cost: Pricing Plan, Affordability, and Insurance Coverage.

Why Do We Need Wegovy: The Dilemma Of Obesity

According to the CDC, approximately 70% of the adult American population is classified as having higher weight. Many of these individuals suffer from illnesses that are directly related to their weight such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and more.

Significant increases in healthcare costs have been caused by the epidemic of obesity, which are passed on to the insured. The good news is that there has been a noticeable shift in health consciousness over the last few years and many people are beginning to examine their lifestyles, eat healthier, and incorporate exercise into their lives.

A report by Harvard Medical School indicated that the 44,000 respondents participating in their study indicated that they were making a point to consume more whole grains, plant protein, and unsaturated fats, and reduce their intake of sugar.

Help is on the Horizon – A New Weight Loss Drug

If you are taking active steps to improve your health through lifestyle changes that include a lowcalorie diet and exercise, you will be glad to hear that losing weight is not as hard as it seems, even when you have reached a point of obesity. The FDA approved a weight loss drug in June 2021 called Wegovy that can help you with your quest to lose weight and keep it off. People have referred to Wegovy as a “game-changer” in the weight loss product arena.

Wegovy Semaglutide For Weight Loss

Interestingly, Semaglutide, or Wegovy, is the first new weight loss medication to have been made available since 2014. The FDA approved Wegovy for obesity, and its dose for weight loss patients is higher than that for Ozempic used for treating type2 diabetes. Moreover, it has similar effects to Ozempic but is touted to have several advantages.

Wegovy comes in a convenient injectable pen that is prefilled for single use. Each week at the same time, the patient injects the medication into their stomach, arm, or thigh and continues their normal routine. For five months, we incrementally increase the dose of the medication from .025mg until attaining the maximum of 2.4mg, where it then stays for maintenance. Alternatively, Starting at .025mg, we can steadily increase the dosage each month until reaching 2.4mg, which then remains constant for the duration of maintenance. Individuals have lost up to 30% of their body weight in only 12 months with the help of Wegovy.

When used along with a healthy low-calorie diet, Wegovy helps curb appetite and boosts metabolism allowing patients to lose more weight than they could on their own.

How Can I Get?

Patients can only obtain and use Wegovy under the care of a qualified doctor. Doctors or weight loss centers should invite interested patients to set up a consultation for a medical weight loss program with Wegovy.

The doctor will provide you with a prescription for Wegovy after examining you and your medical history, and advise you to use it in conjunction with the recommended diet and exercise program. You will remain under medical supervision while taking Wegovy and attend regular followup appointments.

Where Can I Get?

Several pharmacies throughout the United States can fill prescriptions for Wegovy. There is currently a shortage of Wegovy and many pharmacies are experiencing issues with Wegovy stock. Check with the pharmacy to confirm the availability of your dose.

If you are wondering where you can get Wegovy, you are not alone. The unfortunate truth is that right now the company is experiencing a shortage of Wegovy and it is difficult to find. The demand for a Wegovy prescription is unprecedented and the manufacturer is also experiencing issues with their suppliers.

Currently, the makers of Wegovy have a supply shortage statement published on their website and predict the shortage may last well into 2023.

The statement indicates that they are doing all they can to keep up with the demand. The patients who are already using the medication are unable to accommodate new patients at this time. This means that Wegovy 0.25 mg and Wegovy 0.5 mg are not currently in production. And Wegovy 1.0 mg is in scarce supply. Wegovy’s 1.7 mg and 2.4 mg dose strengths are manufactured in limited amounts to accommodate patients who began their medical weight loss programs before the shortages.

What is Equivalent to Wegovy?

IBI Healthcare Institute has a proprietary medical weight loss medication offer called SlimMed. It is almost identical to Wegovy but is readily available and offered at a lower cost.

Semaglutide and Levocarnitine, combined in SlimMed, curb hunger. Make patients feel full longer, and boost their metabolism. Patients taking SlimMed and living healthy lifestyles can expect to lose a significant amount of weight.

Like Wegovy, SlimMed is a weekly injection. It begins at a lower dose and works up to a higher dose over a 5-month timeline. IBI Healthcare invites you to set up a consultation if you wish to learn more about SlimMed.

The makers of Wegovy have manufactured Saxenda, which the FDA has approved for weight loss since December 2014. Like Wegovy, Saxenda (liraglutide) is administered daily via injection. To maximize its effectiveness, we suggest taking the injection at the same time each day.

Saxenda has not had the clinical weight loss success of Wegovy. But it may be a good alternative if you are ready to begin a medical weight loss program right away.

To learn more about Wegovy, SlimMed, or other medical weight loss medications. Contact IBI Healthcare Institute to set up a consultation. The professionals at IBI Healthcare Institute are ready to help you reach your weight loss goals.

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