Weight Loss Clinic in Tampa, FL

IBI Healthcare Institute’s Tampa Weight Loss Clinic offers many solutions for patients who are trying to lose weight. Moreover, obesity has reached epidemic levels in the United States. Additionally, over 75% of American adults are classified as higher-weight people or individuals with higher body weights.

However, many persons with higher weight also suffer from weight-related illnesses such as high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, losing weight can alleviate illness and has effectively put diabetes patients into remission.  Subsequently, where they can decrease their dose or may no longer require their medication.

What Does the IBI Healthcare Weight Loss Clinic in Tampa, FL Offer?

The IBI Tampa Weight Loss Center offers both surgical and non-surgical weight-loss options including:

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures

Thus, for patients who are disqualified for a surgical procedure or do not want to undergo surgery. Nonetheless, IBI Healthcare Tampa offers endoscopic bariatric procedures. Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG) and the Orbera® Gastric Balloon are non-surgical weight loss options. And performed outpatient procedures at the IBI Healthcare Advanced Weight Loss Center.

Medical Weight Loss Programs

Losing weight can be hard to do on your own but at IBI Healthcare weight loss clinic in Tampa, we offer supervised weight loss programs that can help you be successful.

Doctors use non-surgical procedures like the Orbera Gastric Balloon in conjunction with a 12-month doctor-supervised weight loss program. We will customize each patient’s program to their needs, but it may include medical professionals who assist with dietary needs, physical fitness, and emotional health.

Weight Loss Doctors Near You in Tampa 

The IBI weight loss clinic in Tampa, FL offers a full staff of qualified professionals. To schedule an appointment at Tampa Weight Loss Center, call us at (813) 499-0044 or make an appointment online.