The Patriotic Surgeon: Dr. Chris Ibikunle – Joins United States Navy

Dr.Chris Ibikunle Joins United States Navy

The Patriotic Surgeon

On August 22, 2019 one of the nation’s top-leading bariatric surgeons, Dr.Chris Ibikunle joined the United States Navy as a Lieutenant Commander. In addition, Dr. Chris is the founder and CEO of the world renowned health care system, IBI.

” I have lived in or visited every continent and I can say with full certainty that America is the greatest of them all. Every citizen should do their part in defending and protecting this great nation,” says, Dr. Ibikunle.


Dr. Chris and IBI Healthcare

Dr. Chris, our Patriotic Surgeon, specializes in tailoring various weight loss procedures to meet your goals. Whether you are interested in surgical weight loss solutions or non-surgical options, Dr. Chris can help.

The IBI website serves as a comprehensive resource where you can know more about Dr. Chris. Additionally, check our top-tier providers, and the wide range of weight loss procedures offered at the IBI Healthcare Institute.

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