Using Frozen Foods Well: Four Tips to Help You

Four Tips to Using Frozen Foods Well

In our last two blogs, we explained why we’re celebrating National Frozen Food Month and how frozen foods are healthy. We’d like to give you four tips on how to use frozen items to your advantage.

Frozen Foods: Pick the Plain

As we explained earlier, the more natural the frozen food the healthier. Opt for individual chunks of fruit over smoothie mixes, plain cooked chicken or beef over sauce-covered meat, and plain veggies rather than seasoned. Choosing plainer options means optimal freshness, fewer calories, and cheaper prices. Plus, you won’t get tired of a particular food since you can incorporate it into different dishes with different combinations and flavors.

Sweets Don’t Have to be Sinful

We all want something a little sweet sometimes, but you can still easily make it healthy. Making frozen yogurt only requires frozen fruit, yogurt, and a blender. Check out this link for a great and easy *recipe! A blender can also make this frozen yogurt instead of a food processor according to Cooking Light’s list of popular frozen treats.

Planning Ahead Means Less Straying Off Course

Freezing a meal, or parts of it means you can grab and go. At the end of a long day, or the start of early morning, cooking a meal seems like a monumental effort. Instead of sautéing or shredding, buy the most labor-intensive part of your meal frozen. Then all you have to do is defrost, arrange and eat! And because frozen food is always at its prime level of nutrients you’ll be able to relax knowing you made the healthy, and easy, choice. Here are five delicious smoothie pack recipes to get your mornings started right.

Frozen Foods: Embrace and Explore

Now that you’re a frozen food pro, start looking around for easy recipes that are freezer friendly. You don’t have to make things too complicated, but a Sunday night of food prep makes the rest of your week easier and better for your body.

Here are a couple of freezer-friendly recipe lists we like:

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