Obalon: Nonsurgical Balloon System

Obalon: Nonsurgical Balloon System

What is Obalon?

So you are probably wondering: what is the Obalon system?  It is a novel nonsurgical weight loss gastric balloon procedure. This procedure is fully reversible.  No anesthesia is required during surgery.

Another great feature is that Obalon can help you by increasing the number of balls if the feeling of hunger is still intact after ingesting the first ball. of this type of indigestible ball is that you can receive up to three successive balls during your treatment in case you recover the feeling of hunger, helping you to feel fuller while eating less. The balloons can remain in your stomach for up to 12 weeks

How Does the Procedure Work?

Simply swallow a capsule containing the balloon with a thin fixed cable. Once swallowed, an abdominal radiograph is taken to confirm that the balloon is in the correct location. The balloon is then inflated and the cable is removed, leaving only the balloon in your stomach.

In the following months your appetite is steadily suppressed.  by means of the same method (swallowing the intragastric balloon) a second and a third Obalon balloon can be successively placed. The great advantage with respect to the placement of conventional balloons is that neither sedation nor endoscopy is necessary.

The entire process takes only about 10 minutes and most patients return their to normal activities with no downtime. Many people even drive themselves to and from the appointment.

Post OBALON Procedure

Once the Obalon balloon is already located in the stomach, you may initially feel nausea or discomfort, which in two or three days will disappear completely, once your body adapts to the presence of the balloon.

Your doctor will indicate a dietary and pharmacological guideline during these days to minimize discomfort. Always follow the instructions received and take the medications prescribed by your doctor.

Regarding the diet to follow, in our Service the dietary guideline will be controlled at all times by a specialist in Nutrition and Dietetics, who will carry out a regular follow-up and the appropriate modifications, initially to optimize the tolerance and later to facilitate the adaptation to a personalized diet

During the first day, you should only drink liquids, gradually ingesting soft and solid foods, always controlled by a Dietitian. Always keep in mind that the balloon does not work on its own, although it is an important help to make you feel full sooner, making it easier to reduce your intake. As we have already mentioned in other sections, the real challenge is to modify eating habits in a progressive way so that they are fixed and maintained after the withdrawal of the ball / balls.

It is important to mention our recommendation that you do not eat or drink foods rich in calories such as candy, soda, ice cream or alcohol.

OBALON Removal and Potential Risks

At the end of your treatment the balloons are removed. This is done while the patient is sedated for a short period of time during the endoscopic withdrawal.  In general patients do not notice any discomfort.  Moreover, this procedure is FDA approved so it is very safe.

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