Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico: Risk Without Reward?

Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico: Risk Without Reward?

Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico, let’s face it. We all like a good deal. Black Friday beckons us like Sirens in the sea, and Americans flock to door-busting sales, nearly helpless to resist. Buying a discounted flat-screen television makes sense. But,getting discounted surgery? That’s another story.

Many people desperate for weight-loss surgery feel stymied by the cost. As they research money-saving options, online threads with subjects like “Bariatric Surgery in Mexico Saved Me Thousands” pop up, and soon they’re searching for “cheap flights to Mexico.”

Sometimes a deal is worth it, but when it comes to your personal health, saving money doesn’t come before your well-being.

Here are some of the risks you’ll face if you choose to have weight-loss surgery in Mexico

Fewer healthcare regulations

Mexico has fewer healthcare regulations than the US, so there are many risks when opting for surgery there. Any surgery, no matter how minimal, always carries some level of risk for the patient. Morbid obesity automatically increases your risks. Also, when it comes to surgery, you want the lowest risk possible. Eliminate some risk by having your surgery performed in a properly regulated facility in the United States.


You won’t receive the post-operative care necessary to achieve optimum results. Weight-loss surgery is one step in a long process for the patient. Moreover, a huge part of the success in these surgeries depends on the post-op teamwork between doctor and patient. If you lack this communication, you’re much less likely to achieve the weight loss goals you’ve set. You could see all the money you spent on travel to Mexico, surgery and hotels completely wasted if you don’t get lasting results.

Risk of complications

The risk of complications is greatest within the first few weeks of your surgery. If you undergo surgery in Mexico and subsequently experience serious complications back in the U.S., you won’t be seeing the same doctor who performed your surgery. To make matters worse, insurance won’t necessarily cover these complications. You’ll end up with astronomical medical bills, spending more money than if you’d have undergone the surgery in the U.S. to begin with.

Post-surgery adjustments

Adjustable gastric banding often requires frequent visits post-surgery for adjustments. Your surgeon in the U.S. will perform these adjustments and include them in the price of your surgery. If you have your surgery done in Mexico, you will have to pay additional hundreds of dollars out of pocket for each visit as the post-op adjustments will be done in the U.S. This type of surgery really necessitates continuity between doctor and patient.

Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico: Conclusion

While saving money on a surgical procedure is incredibly enticing, the risks outweigh the benefits.

Your best bet is to look into financing options in the United States with a doctor who will work together with you throughout your entire weight loss journey. Additionally, the surgery itself is only a small part of the equation that goes into helping you achieve your weight loss goals. Contact IBI Healthcare to learn more about weight loss surgery in USA.

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