Real Reviews About Saxenda From The Web

Real Reviews About Saxenda

Confused about Saxenda injection, and looking for reviews and patient experiences? Let us help you find the right one for you. We’ve compiled real reviews about Saenda from the web to help you make informed health decisions. Hear what patients are saying about their weight loss journey with the Saxenda injections.

Indeed, losing weight is difficult for anyone, but it can be nearly impossible for someone with a high BMI. In addition to this, weight loss efforts can stall despite following strict diets and making calorie cuts. The stubborn weight just won’t budge. Prescription Weight Loss Medications can be used under a doctor’s supervision to help your weight loss efforts count for more. Saxenda® injections could be that little extra something that will make the difference.

An Overview Of Saxenda® 

Liraglutide, marketed as Victoza for over a decade, historically treated type 2 diabetes. Although, the FDA approved Liraglutide as Saxenda for obesity treatment. Victoza and Saxenda are the same medication; only the dose differs based on the intended use.

Liraglutide, a GLP-1 receptor agonist drug, stimulates our body’s GLP-1 receptors in the pancreas, prompting insulin release. The natural insulin produced by our body helps to control the sugar levels (glucose) in our bloodstream. Glucose levels that are chronically too high or low result in serious health issues.

How Does Saxenda  Help You Lose Weight?

Saxenda injection slows the rate at which the stomach digests and empties food, allowing you to feel fuller for longer. In addition to this, it helps regulate the release of insulin from the pancreas and inhibits the release of glucagon. Glucagon raises blood sugar levels in the bloodstream (the opposite of insulin).

Furthermore, the appetite suppression characteristics of Saxenda, when coupled with a healthy diet and adequate physical activity, significantly assist patients in losing weight.

How Do You Use Saxenda?

The patients use a special injector pen to administer daily subcutaneous injections under the skin. Subsequently, each pen contains multiple doses, and patients select their appropriate dose by rotating an indicator on the pen. They must use a fresh needle daily and properly discard used needles.

Above all, the dosing schedule for Saxenda starts with a low dose and gradually increases to the highest dose of 3 mg. While patients remain on each dose level for about 4 weeks before gradually progressing to the next higher level. The gradual increase helps mitigate common side effects like nausea and vomiting associated with this medication.

The following reviews were collected from internet forums exclusively dedicated to sharing experiences, both positive and negative. Although, we’ve included various reviews, providing you with a comprehensive perspective to draw your conclusions and determine if it’s a good fit for you.

The content is genuine; however, some Saxenda injection reviews have been thoughtfully edited for spelling and grammar. Additionally, note that we have thoughtfully added commentary after some of these Saxenda injection reviews as a response to what the patient communicated.

Patient Reviews Real Reviews About Saxenda®

Saxenda Injection Review 1 | 45-54 years old | Female

“Saxenda has worked well for me. My starting weight was 503 lbs. I will be weighing in next month, but I can already tell that my lymphedema legs have significantly reduced. I can already walk and stand better after only 10 days of the injections and a limited 1200-calorie diet. This has been easier than I expected, and I have not experienced hunger pains, nausea, vomiting, gas, burping, constipation, diarrhea, or bloating. I am being careful not to overeat. One thing I have experienced is that I am frequently running to the restroom, so I believe I am releasing excess water, and I am feeling wonderful. I will give an update on my weigh-in next month because I’m anxious to see what other improvements will happen with my body. It’s been amazing!”

Saxenda Injection Review 2 | 55-64 years old | Female

“I haven’t been able to get past the 0.6 dose for 7 weeks due to headaches, sinus congestion, and heartburn. I was injecting at night and switched to mornings, and I am down 7 pounds. My sleep has improved, and I have cut down my nighttime eating by about 80%. I spend at least 6 hours a week exercising but feel more fatigued than usual. I have been adding 1 ounce of coconut water to two cups of water to help reduce the feelings of nausea, and it helps with hydration. I have been eating four smaller, balanced meals and sweets occasionally when my blood sugar feels low. I am trying to make sure I do not lose lean body mass or bone density by losing weight too fast, and I want it to be permanent. I will repeat the blood work in 6 weeks. Slow and steady wins the race.”

*The patient mentioned that she had to adjust the time of day that she was administering her injections to alleviate some of her challenges.

However, for the best results, patients should take Saxenda at the same time every day. Nevertheless, there is no preferred time; each patient needs to determine what works best for them. Also, she mentioned that she is experiencing fatigue, a commonly known side effect of this type of prescription drug. Normally, this goes away for most patients as they lose weight and begin to eat a healthier diet.

Furthermore, if you are taking Saxenda and are experiencing extreme fatigue, speak to your doctor. It’s possible that your dose needs to be adjusted, or maybe you need a different prescription to help you lose weight.

Saxenda Injection Review 3 | 35-44 years old | Female

“I am on my second week of Saxenda injections, and so far I’ve taken a total of ten doses. My current dose is 1.2 mg per day. I experienced vomiting on the second night because I ate too much, but I have had no other side effects so far. I have lost about 11 pounds in only 10 days and have very little appetite, especially at night. Child-sized portions seem to be more than enough to make me feel full. Do not overeat, or you will vomit. It is easy to give yourself the injection, and it is painless because the needle is very small.”

Saxenda Injection Review 4 | 35-44 years old | Male

“In my life, I do not ever remember feeling full unless it is Thanksgiving Day or I have eaten an entire pizza. I started at 274 pounds and I am six feet, 2 inches. I have been using Saxenda for about three weeks, and I am down to 260. So far, I have had no side effects, and now I can say I know what it is like to feel full. If you eat too much, it does not feel good, so don’t do it. Also, I am not having cravings for all the bad foods anymore. It is nice to not feel hungry all the time after feeling hungry my whole life.”

Saxenda Injection Review 5 | 45-54 years old | Female

“After three weeks on Saxenda, I have lost 13 pounds. Regardless of what the scale says, I am amazed at how my desire for food has changed. I no longer have cravings for sweets, and I have not been even thinking about eating. I did not know how much I thought about eating before, but since I have been taking Saxenda, the difference has been night and day. I felt nauseated on the second day, but besides that and some minor constipation, I have not had any side effects. I was anxious about having to give myself shots, but it is super easy and painless to do.”

Saxenda Injection Review 6 | 55-64 years old | Female

“In the first 2 weeks, I have lost 11 pounds. I am surprised but I do not feel hungry anymore, and I am concentrating on choosing healthy foods. At first, I felt nauseous and also had headaches but those went away. Now I sometimes get a belly ache in the evenings. I always drink a lot of water.”

*Many of the patient reviews mention that Saxenda suppresses their appetite and lessens cravings. One of the biggest challenges for weight loss patients is the “food chatter” they hear in their heads. The signals the stomach is sending to the brain cause us to feel continually hungry so we snack or eat when physically we do not need to. Having the appetite suppressed can significantly impact an individual’s ability to lose weight.

Saxenda Injection Review 7 | 55-64 years old | Male

“I have been using Saxenda for about ten weeks, and during the first eight, I lost about 3 pounds per week. I began to notice that I was not feeling hungry anymore, and I figured out that I was eating in front of the TV out of habit, not because I was hungry. Over the past few weeks and long weekends, there have been celebrations at birthday parties, and I’ve gained five pounds. I chose to eat and drink excessively, so that is my fault. Saxenda works, but you have to make changes in portions and your food choices. If you have struggled with weight loss and you really want to lose weight, I would recommend trying this prescription. I used Weight Watchers in conjunction with the Saxenda to assist me in making healthy food choices. Now I’m tracking my food choices with Weight Watchers and the saxenda is helping curb my appetite. I’m down 38 lbs, which is 10% of my body weight, and I can already feel a difference. I am planning to start exercising, so that will help me lose even more.”

*This patient realized that he had a bad habit that he needed to break, which is often the case for most weight loss patients. Making permanent lifestyle changes will promote long-term weight loss. In addition, he is combining a supervised weight loss program with Saxenda to assist him in making healthier dietary and weight loss decisions.

Saxenda Injection Review 8 | 35-44 years old | Female

“I have always struggled with losing weight. I started with Victoza, which did not help me lose much weight, and my doctor recommended Saxenda. I began taking Saxenda about 5 months ago, and I am already down 36 lbs. I will be honest and say that I don’t exercise except for chasing after my toddler. I am very pleased with my progress on Saxenda. When I started taking it, I weighed 283 pounds, and I am currently down to 246 pounds. I believe if I were to exercise, I would lose a lot more. The Saxenda has not made me feel yucky at all, and I have had no side effects. The best thing for me is that I have not felt hungry. The Saxenda shots have also been very easy to take. Although you have to use a needle, it is very small and does not hurt.”

*This review is both confusing and interesting because Victoza and Saxenda are the same prescription drug Liraglutide the only difference is the dose. She also admits that she would be losing more weight if she exercised.

Saxenda Injection Review 9 | 45-54 years old | Female

“I have been using Saxenda for about four months and have only lost about 8 pounds. It is not worth it. I have continuous side effects of diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating, tiredness, bruising in the places I administer the injections, and dehydration. Whenever my symptoms slightly improve, I try to do another dose, and a few hours after I take the injection, I regret it.”

*Saxenda may not be the best choice for every patient. If experiencing underwhelming results or chronic side effects, speak to your doctor. A change in medication may be in order.

Saxenda Injection Review 10 | 55-64 years old | Female

“I used Saxenda for six months and lost just a little weight at first. I lost only about 5 pounds in three months and then gradually crept back up to my starting weight. It was not difficult or painful for me to use; however, it did not work for me. I never experienced any side effects, not even nausea. I think one of the ways this works is by making you feel awful (nausea, constipation). Since I had no side effects, I did not lose any weight.”

Saxenda Injection Review 11 | 35-44 years old | Male

“I have been on Saxenda for about six months and have lost around 32 pounds. I am overweight but not obese, so my weight loss is not as dramatic as some other reviewers have reported, but I am happy with my overall results. I have recently noticed that my weight loss is slowing down. I experienced side effects for the first two months that were pretty awful. Gas, nausea, and throwing up were unpleasant, but they were a good reminder to watch my portions and the types of food I was eating. Thank goodness, I hardly ever get those bad side effects anymore. Despite these side effects, I think it is worth it for weight loss.”

Saxenda Injection Review 12 | 45-54 years old | Female

“I tried Saxenda for a week. It did stop my appetite for sweets, but it made me very bloated, and I felt ill. After rereading the drug information about Saxenda, I did notice that it specifically says it is not to be used for weight loss or as an appetite suppressant. It is supposed to be used for diabetes. I wasted my money on 5 weeks of injections, but it is my fault for not reading and thoroughly researching this drug.”

*Nonetheless, weight loss efforts can stall despite strict diets and calorie cuts. The stubborn weight just won’t budge:

  1. Saxenda is approved by the FDA for weight loss, but Victoza is not. Both brands use Liraglutide as the prescription drug, but Victoza has lower doses for diabetes treatment.

  2. Prescription weight-loss medications are meant to be used under the supervision of a qualified doctor. This means a doctor who is trained in the treatment of obesity. Patients get weight loss injections online without supervision, posing risks to their health and well-being. They are just out there taking these medications with little to no guidance.

Moreover, consult a qualified doctor for bloating, medication allergies, and fluid intake adjustment. However, misuse of prescription drugs can be dangerous; seek expert supervision and obesity management. Saxenda requires medical professional supervision for safe usage and weight loss support.

Nonetheless, Contact IBI Healthcare Institute to learn about Saxenda and other weight loss medications. Trust the experienced IBI Healthcare Institute team for expert weight loss treatment and weight loss support.

Call or set up an appointment online today and get your weight loss journey started right away.

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