Health: Manage Weight-Related Risks with Surgical Options

Women’s Health & Fitness Day 2017

On September 27th, join us in celebrating Women’s Health and Fitness Day! This special day aims to increase knowledge about women’s health concerns while promoting exercise, fitness, and proactive screening and healthcare practices. Discover how you can prioritize your well-being and empower yourself through physical activity and routine check-ups.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading causes of health-related death among women in the United States are heart disease, stroke and cancer. While heart disease has strong connections to family medical history and the definitive cause of cancer is still unknown, there are steps women can take to decrease their risk of developing these serious health conditions.

For example, high cholesterol and high blood pressure link to heart disease and stroke. These conditions may not seem serious, however they are contributing factors to some of the biggest health risks that women face. By paying attention to these early signs, you have a greater chance of avoiding chronic conditions.

One way to manage these health risks is through a healthy diet and exercise. Varied, natural food choices, as well as appropriate caloric intake, are crucial to maintaining a healthy diet. When combined with regular exercise, this can help foster heart health and decrease weight-related concerns.

Weight loss procedures can manage health risks.

Sometimes, diet and exercise alone may not be sufficient to address serious health conditions like diabetes or heart disease. In such cases, surgical weight-loss procedures can be considered. IBI Healthcare Institute offers a range of bariatric procedures, including the Gastric Balloon, Gastric Bypass, and Lap-band. These surgical solutions provide patients with various options for controlled weight-loss.

Discover the exceptional quality of IBI Healthcare Institute’s bariatric services and enhance your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. For more information, simply call us at 678.466.6760 or easily schedule a consultation online.

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