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Georgia SurgiCare Goes Green

Loganville location offers EV charging station

As the number of electric cars continues to rise, we are pleased to provide a charging option for our patients – an electric vehicle (EV) charging station – at our Loganville, Georgia location. Because EVs are propelled by an electric motor and powered by rechargeable battery packs, the new charging station in Loganville may come in handy for our patients with electric cars.

IBI Healthcare Institute recently installed a Bosch Power Express Dual Cord EV Charging Station, which allows you to plug your EV right into the station to charge during your appointment. The EV Charging Station also allows for employees to charge their EV while working throughout the day.

Check out some of the reasons why EVs have continued to grow in popularity:

Energy Efficient: The electric motor in your EV converts 75 percent of the chemical energy from the batteries to power the wheels. Internal combustion engines (ICEs), which is the engine in most automobiles, only convert 20 percent of the energy stored in gasoline.

Environmentally Friendly: Your EV emits no tailpipe pollutants.

Performance Benefits: While driving your EV, the electric motor provides quiet, smooth operation and stronger acceleration and requires less maintenance than other types of vehicles.

Reduce Foreign Energy Dependence: Electricity is a domestic energy source.


According to information provided by the U.S. Department of Energy, “Using hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles instead of conventional vehicles can help reduce U.S. reliance on imported petroleum and increase energy security.”

EVs can reduce fuel costs dramatically because of the low cost of electricity relative to conventional fuel and help you to save money at the pump as well.

Providing an EV charging station at the Loganville location falls straight in line with IBI Healthcare Institute’s continued focus on providing high-quality, patient driven care that you can count on. Along with the EV Charging Station location at Loganville, you can find additional stations here.

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