Clear Out Your Freezer; National Frozen Food Month is Here!

Clear Out Your Freezer

Not only is March the month we spring forward into daylight savings, it’s also National Frozen Food month! During Frozen Food month businesses and nutritionists use to promote awareness and benefits of frozen food items such as fruit, vegetables and meat.

Many corporations offer savings during this time, and countless food blogs and chefs use the opportunity to provide their audiences with tips and tricks to get the most out of their freezers. This month, IBI Healthcare Institute celebrates Frozen Food month in our next few blogs and social media posts. Keep an eye out for helpful information and tips to get the best bang for your buck while nourishing your body!

For more information on Frozen Food Month and how to save while shopping, visit https://www.nfraweb.org/promotions/annual-calendar/march-national-frozen-food-month

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