Getting to The Bottom of The Top Health Issues for Men

Getting to the bottom of the top health issues for men

During Men’s Health Month, Georgia SurgiCare is helping to raise awareness of health issues that are of relevance for men. As we noted in an earlier blog, men are still much less likely than women to visit their doctor for annual exams and preventive procedures, which are essential for the early detection and treatment of serious health problems.

While heart disease and cancer rank as the top two causes of death among men, there are other potential health issues to which men should pay close attention, such as diabetes. In addition to being the seventh-leading cause of death in 2013, diabetes is the leading cause of both kidney failure and adult blindness. Nearly 30 million Americans currently suffer from diabetes, and another staggering 86 million have what doctors term pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes is a condition that left untreated, could lead to type 2 diabetes and other serious diseases. Men with diabetes outnumber women by approximately two million. Given that as many as 90% of those with pre-diabetes are unaware of their condition, it stands to reason that men who don’t overcome their reluctance to visit their doctor are much more likely to become diabetic.

Fortunately for those living with pre-diabetes, there are clinically proven ways to delay or even prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. While race, ethnicity, and family history do play a role, obesity and lack of physical activity are viewed as highly important risk factors. Lifestyle changes that include losing weight and increasing physical activity can both positively impact blood glucose levels and lower the risk of diabetes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer helpful resources for both men and women interested in learning more about diabetes and how to control it. If you’re concerned about your weight and potential health issues like diabetes, we encourage you to visit your doctor or consult the experts at Georgia SurgiCare.

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