About Maribelle Verdiales, MD

Dr.Verdiales was born in Puerto Rico, where she completed her medical degree. She then moved to New York City to become an OB/GYN, and during her residency was exposed to minimally invasive surgery, and pelvic reconstruction which became areas of particular interest. After graduation, she continued to practice for a few years in New York, and pursued further training in the areas of Robotic Surgery and pelvic reconstruction with and without mesh implants.

In 2009, Dr. Verdiales relocated to Georgia with her family to start a private practice. She then sought a more holistic education and took advance training in bio-identical hormone therapy, nutrition, weight loss and integrative medicine.

Dr. Verdiales

She believes that in order to achieve health, there most be a balance between body, mind and soul. As part of her vision, Maribelle Verdiales MD. evolved into a Women’s center, where her patients could not only take advantage of cutting-edge technology to address their healthcare needs, but also could find a haven where to free their minds and feed their souls.

“I want not to be just a doctor. I want to be your doctor, your counselor, your nutritionist, your surgeon, and your friend. I am a mother of five, a wife, a caretaker, a working woman, a sister, a daughter…I understand your concerns. I enjoy helping other women overcome the challenges of life”.

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