Can Tubal Ligation Be Reversed? Is Pregnancy Possible?

Can Tubal Ligation Be Reversed?

Can a Tubal Ligation Be Reversed? When you had your tubes tied, you probably became certain that you never wanted to get pregnant again. But what if you change your mind? There’s still a way to make it happen.

Can a Tubal Ligation Be Reversed?

Having your tubes tied is meant to serve as a permanent form of birth control, and it has a remarkably high success rate. But if you had your tubes tied and then changed your mind about having children, you have options. At IBI Healthcare Institute, we may be able to reverse your tubal ligation and increase your chances of conceiving.

Are You a Candidate for Tubal Ligation Reversal?

Reversal of your tubal ligation can be a great option if you decide you want to have a child, but it’s not right for everyone. A lot depends on the type of tubal ligation you had and the health of your fallopian tubes.

If you had your tubes tied using clips, rings, or cauterization with minimal scarring, we have a higher likelihood of successfully reversing your ligation. Achieving a successful pregnancy after tubal ligation reversal typically requires a minimum of three inches of healthy fallopian tubes.

For successful tubal ligation reversal, we prioritize those with minimal scarring from procedures like clip, ring, or cauterization. To enhance the chances of conceiving, a minimum of three inches of healthy fallopian tubes is usually necessary.

The Reversal Procedure

The surgical center performs the surgery if it turns out that we can reverse your tubal ligation. The procedure takes about two hours and you can go home the same day.

To keep you comfortable, we perform the tubal ligation reversal under anesthesia. The surgical expert then makes two small incisions in your abdomen, cuts out the sealed portion of your fallopian tubes, and reattaches the ends carefully with very fine dissolvable surgical sutures. We close the incisions and monitor you closely as you wake up from the anesthesia before we send you home.

We recommend you take it easy during the healing process, which takes about one to two weeks. This means you may need to take time off work so you can get plenty of rest. As your discomfort subsides, you can slowly ease back into your usual routine.

We provide very specific instructions on how to take care of yourself following your tubal ligation reversal to improve healing and prevent problems. We also schedule a follow-up after the procedure to examine the incisions and make sure you’re recovering properly.

What Are My Chances of Pregnancy After the Reversal Surgery?

The likelihood of getting pregnant after a tubal ligation reversal varies from woman to woman. Your health and your age are prominent factors, which is why we take all of that into consideration before recommending surgery. In general, a reversal of tubal ligation is successful 45-85% of the time. Most women with a successful reversal get pregnant within the first year.

If getting pregnant is difficult for you after you had your tubes untied, you might want to consider other options such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). In IVF, the medical professional combines the egg and sperm outside your body and then places them in your uterus.

To learn more about the reversal of your tubal ligation, give our Advanced GYN Center a call or schedule an appointment online and discussion of your options.

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